Auctioneer or Yard Sale or Estate Seller? The Best Way To Sell ?

Of all three methods the least amount of physical work, stress and actual cost will be hiring an Auctioneer.  That’s right, I am an auctioneer but lets review the different methods and the costs involved shall we.

Yard Sale – In our locality that will involve advertising via posters and yard signs and the local newspapers in our area of East Texas.  Then the physical work will start, pulling out items from the attic, garage, barn or storage shed and the back of our closets.  Deciding what has value, cleaning and a little research are needed to properly price an item.  Then finding that perfect weather day to set up the sale.   It’s all on your selling abilities to dicker the actual sell price with a buyer.  The audience is limited to the buyers who will find your sale and the parking you have available.

Estate Seller – There are local companies who offer their services to sell your items for you.  The fee structure will vary from company to company.  You the seller will still  include offering your property to have the sale so the same issues of  location and parking apply as well as payment to the company for their services and the cost of advertising.  Estate sellers are not licensed in our state nor are they regulated.  These sales traditionally last for 2 to 3 days and asking prices will fall or be reduced after the first day.

Auctioneer – You as a seller will benefit the most for the least amount of time, effort and cost of selling your goods through the auction method of marketing.  Only at auction is the selling price negotiated  higher rather than lower or being reduced to sell.  Depending on the auction firm buyers / bidders will come from a live audience, an online audience or a combination of both.

In the case of our firm no fees are due up front and this is the case with a large majority of auction firms.  The fees are deducted from the hammer price for the sale of the item before you receive your payment.

The auctioneer is a professional with experience and expertise in his or her field.  Highly trained and motivate to bring you top dollar for your goods.  Auctioneer’s in the State of Texas are regulated and required to continue their education yearly for renewal of their license to continue their livelihood.  Auctioneer’s are creative and aggressive in marketing your goods for maximum price to be had.

A live auction is unique in that is brings an excitement to the buying process not found in other marketing methods.  It creates a competitive atmosphere among highly interested buyers which in turn helps to bring about a fair and reasonable true market value.  The bottom line for the seller is that this is the optimal tool in maximizing total dollar value for your items for the least amount of effort, expense or selling and marketing experience.

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