Liz Drake Achieves Auctioneer ATS Designation

We officially received the certificate in today’s mail. Liz Drake, an Auctioneer with Trinity Auction Gallery has achieved the Auctioneer ATS Designation.

This is the first auction designation for our team.  Liz headed to Phoenix, Arizona, and spent three days with other students learning how to start a website and marketing online auctions.  It was a hectic three days with information sharing with the class’s presenters and the other auctioneers.  After absorbing all this technical information, Liz had to return to our office and put this to use.  LIz developed this website and completed her first online auction.  The work was graded by the professionals with the NAA, and the final certificate was mailed.  Only 1% of all auctioneers in the United States have received this designation.  We are proud of the work she has accomplished. 

ATS stands for Auction Technology Specialist.   Visit this link to learn more about the National Auctioneers Association. 

Liz has only been an auctioneer with her company for eight months when taking  She is the tech person here at Trinity Auction Gallery (later known as Asset Marketing Pros, LLC).  Getting our company online and open to the rest of the world was the objective of taking on this education.

We see that having a small auction company in a small town in East Texas has challenges, and we need growth.  David and Liz Drake intend to grow this small company into a benefit to our little town of Trinity, Texas, so if you are driving through, stop by and chat about auctions and what they do for you. 

Want to learn more about what an ATS auctioneer is?  click here to learn more

Liz Drake Trinity, Tx Auctioneer Appraiser Notary

3 thoughts on “Liz Drake Achieves Auctioneer ATS Designation

    1. Hi Bill: Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year. My impression of ATS school is that it is very informative and will help grow your auction business. The presenters were extremely grounded in the materials covered and use technology in their own auction businesses. There are only 1% of the auctioneers that have this designation and I am very proud and honored to have become and ATS. It has improved our business and we look forward to future growth.

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