Finding us on Facebook ?? Be a Fan of Trinity Auction Gallery

We are now live on Facebook also.  A fan page for all our auction attendee’s who like to capture photos of our funny floor hands and share with others their experiences at a live auction.  Just click Become a Fan of TAG on Facebook in the right hand column listed under Links.  When you get to the Fan page click to add yourself right next to the page title.

The live auction experience is like no other way to shop or buy. The thrill of winning the bid makes it all worth while.  Being able to see with your eyes, feel with your hands and otherwise judge the quality of any item is different than a photo.  We try to make our online experience fun too, but it is not the same.  You miss the popcorn, candy and fellowship with others as well.

Online is nice and convenient you don’t have to leave home, buy gas, travel, eat out or even dress up as your bathrobe is perfectly acceptable.  If you find online bidding a little daunting just call us and we will answer any questions you may have.  Just remember an online bid is just as binding as one done live at auction.

Have any specific questions you would like to see information about here on the blog,  just contact me about it and I will see what I can do.

See y’all at the auction !!!  Elizabeth Monteson Drake, ATS – Tx Lic# 16596.  AKA – Liz, you know -David’s wife.

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