April 17th – National Auctioneers Day

Our next LIVE auction will be on National Auctioneers Day.  This is the perfect day to celebrate Auctioneers and what they bring to our community.

Are you looking to: Downsize?  Move into a Retirement Home?  Left in charge of a family members estate?  Recovering from divorce?  Facing a major life change?

Auctioneers handle these situations everyday and are trained, knowledgeable professionals to help you when it is necessary.  Auctioneers will market your items to the masses and bring the best price available even in this downturned economy.

Need help, just call or come by and speak to either of our auctioneers at Trinity Auction Gallery.  We are told “NOT in Trinity, Texas” on a daily basis, but we market to a worldwide audience and have bidders from all over.  As small town company we have proven again and again that just having our company physically located in a Small East Texas town does not limit our ability to bring the highest return for your items today.

Charities have used The Auction Method of Marketing to consistently bring in the money, would they do so if auction was not the best alternative?

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