Jaxon on the block with Grandpa – SOLD!

Our (my) Auction Sat. 1/7/12 was a great success – comeback for Me, Liz & Trinity Auction Gallery as well as the family and friends that supported us the past few months. Approximately 300+ people in attendance and a sell out. It was our Gallery’s 5th Ann. and my 1st auction since April last year when I was found with cancer and went through treatment. I want to thank everyone who came and attended the auction and those that came by just to say hey. I know I missed speaking to some of you but there will be another day. I missed you all and glad to be back on the block……. David

4 thoughts on “Jaxon on the block with Grandpa – SOLD!

  1. It was so good to see you and Liz and the family at the auction again. You were fantastic on the block and so was Jaxon. You two make a great team! The people were many; i am glad i reserved my seat in advance! The antiques were impressive. The guns were on fire. Old friends, new friends, good friends everywhere you turned. You can bet i will be back.

  2. It was great to have you back!!!! Look forward to seeing you all again soon! Take care of yourself!
    By the way, I love that jewelry box I won the last weekend! Do you have any other details about it?
    Terri Bronson

  3. Hello Cuz,
    I spoke to Liz on Saturday night but never got a chance to speak to you. You were very busy! It is so good to see that you are doing well. Please know that we continue to pray for you and for all of your family.

    Many blessings,
    Dorothy Drake Kennedy

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