Still loading lots in for Saturday’s Auction 2/4/2012 @ 6 PM


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Click the link for UPCOMING AUCTIONS in the left hand column to see all the items up for bid Saturday Feb 4th at 6 PM….

Can’t make it in to the auction?  Leave a bid online and we will contact you about your wins.

2 thoughts on “Still loading lots in for Saturday’s Auction 2/4/2012 @ 6 PM

  1. It looks like the most recent auction on 2/4 is not listed anywhere. Will it be posted on the Past Auctions List?

    1. Hi Mark – After an auction has completed it will move to the PAST AUCTIONS listings. Also if you would like to view prices realized at the auction you can view an auction after it is over to see what an item actually sold for. This is helpful to determine real value on any item you are researching as the final bid price is the value of an item at any given time. Auction is the oldest form of sales and is the real value of an item, as it is what someone is willing to pay and perceived value.
      Trinity Auction Gallery firmly believes in transparency as our business model. Thanks for the question, see at the auction!

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