Why, oh why are my precious collectibles and antiques going down in value?

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There was a day and time not so long ago that collectors searched for china, crystal and high-end collectibles, but that time is not now.  Enjoy your favorite china everyday and use your dinnerware and family heirlooms as the appeal for these things is passing.

Everyday in the auction industry we are told how precious and valuable the family china, crystal and heirlooms are by those ready to let go.  After conversing with the estate manager we find that no one in the family requested these items and when taken to market they do not bring the high dollars of yesteryear.  Every estate has collections, antiques and china, spare bedroom suites, formal dining rooms with everything to entertain.

It comes down to simple math, baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are downsizing and selling their family homes for a smaller simpler life.  They have flooded the market with dumping attics and barns full of family heirlooms causing a glut. This market glut has brought down the values drastically.  There are over 55 million Americans over 60 while there are many less 25 to 35 year olds setting up new households. Baby boomers are the largest generation to downsize in history.  While our grandparents struggled and saved to buy quality brand name furnishings the younger generation is not in love with the style or design. Technology has taken its bite out of the market too, it is as easy as a google search now to find that before hard to find collectible.  Gone are the days of driving and scouring antique stores and estate sales – just by it online or there is probably an app for that.

Lifestyles have changed for the older generation and younger generation alike.  Neither have the time or need to hold onto furnishings and home decor as tastes and design are changing at least every three years.  So the idea of buying a high dollar brand to keep for years to come is no longer in vogue. So if you LOVE antiques and collectibles now is the time to buy.

Do not be discouraged if you have saved all these wonderful things.  There is still a market for good used items and collections, they just are not bringing the high dollar sales they used to. Certain items are still very sought after.  Guns, coins, jewelry and fine art still have a good return on investment today.  But the days of antique or big heavy furniture are passing.  Try to give someone your television entertainment center and you will see what happens

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