Live Auctions are FUN and FAST

Why would you want to auction your collections or loved furnishings and art work?  We get asked this question frequently.  Sellers have different needs, some are downsizing their lives while others are in major life changing events.

When inheriting a large amount of things it is hard to fit them into your home.  Take the time to try what will work and is the most important to you, then let go and be ready for them to enrich another’s home and bring joy to another family.

cropped-p18302831.jpg  Auctions bring out the best in people as you have surely seen in your community. When it’s time to raise money….. it’s time for an auction.

The time factor is where the auction method makes the most impact.  Needing to get items out of a home to sell  brings an urgency to get things done.  An auction meets these needs and brings about closure.

This is just one example as to WHY auction, there are many more reasons.  When it’s time for a change auction funds help make the transition so much easier.