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Estate Jewelry Online Auction Event

Jewelry Online Auction

Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones, Silver Native American Estate Jewelry are what we have scheduled for our next Jewelry Online Auction here at Asset Marketing Pros, LLC of Trinity, Tx. We have high-end fabulous jewels and modest gems to amazing costume jewelry purchases ready for your bids. Here’s a quick peek.

Jewelry Online Auction

Come by here and see these great online estate jewelry items in person. Cause you know they are either bigger than you think or smaller, see for yourself. Photos don’t always do justice to gleaming diamonds or gemstones. We are open Monday – Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. When you stop by you will see we have a great gun auction getting ready for the next catalog.

Our online auction will have a 13% buyer’s premium added to the total amount of your winning bid plus any applicable Texas Sales Tax. To save a little, pay by cash in the first two days after the auction ends and receive a 3% discount on the buyer’s premium.

Well, we are still loading up items for this auction so, it’s time for us to get back to work so we are ready for auction day.

Thank you once again for supporting our small business, we could not do it without you,

David & Liz Drake

Auction Crowd

Auction Method of Marketing, It Works

Auction Method of marketing

This method is probably the oldest form of selling your goods. The auction method of marketing is where the sellers and buyers are brought together in one location to turn your assets into cash. The auctioneer or auction company is the facilitator of the sale. Learn more here

Why oh Why Sell Your Assets at Auction?

For some reason most people we talk to think auction is your last resort.  But it is not so. It should be your first option for your valuable assets. Just take a look at the people who auction their items. Most are successful people who know the quality of their items and know everyone is looking for the deal. When it comes to selling your items there are multiple ways open to you. And we know it. You can sell it yourself on Facebook or other social media channels. But lets remember you have to market your items, collect your money and deliver the goods. There are so many pieces of a sale that is handled by the auction company that most people are not aware.

Because Auctions Work!

If you have ever attended an auction you know how the fast pace and urgency of the last minute deal can be. Ever attended a charity event and see items sell way above retail values? Auctions provide a safe convienent place for buyers and sellers to either find the deal or lighten their load. That antique or collectible you know longer have a need or use for will now go to a new owner who will enjoy it for years to come. If you have a need to unclutter or turn your assets into cash, auction is for you. If you inherite and can be overwhelming the amount of things accumulated in a life time. You need the assistance of a professional to sort it out and know what to sell, donate or trash it. Yes, sometimes there is no market for beloved items and they have outlived their usefulness.

Here are the benefits of an auction

  • Having a professional go through the process with you.
  • Have marketing for your items to bring the best possible price.
  • Not having your home open to people you do not know.
  • Physical work is off your shoulders.
  • Auction buyers are ready to buy. We have a large auction client base.
  • Sales tax, invoicing, collections and shipping are all handled for you.

Auctions Work in a Good Market or a Bad Market

When the economy is good, people have more discretionary spending money to purchase what they want. When the economy is bad, people are looking to buy what they want and are willing to bid for a bargain.

Fast Talkers or Problem Solvers?

Auctioneers are thought of as fast-talkers. But in reality we are skilled marketers, here to solve your problems. Auctioneers are trained negotiators. In the great State of Texas Auctioneers are licensed after completing their education.  Did Grandpa leave you his coin collection or guns, car, boat, trailer or tractor. Or maybe Grandma left you all her large jewelry collection and you can’t find a way to keep it all? That’s where the auctioneer comes in. They evaluate your options and determine the best way to turn your items into cash.

How do you know where to sell your items? Should you hire an estate seller, sell to a resale or antique store, or try to set up your own online business? Wow, there are benefits to all of those solutions. But the auction method is still the least amount of work on your part for the best return. Let the professionals handle it for you.

Why would you price negotiate down instead of up?

Most all other selling methods set a price and if negotiation is possible, the price can be lowered. Estate sales, tag sales and retail shops or stores price tag their items and to get you to buy, they will offer sale prices. With the auction method we start low, I mean really low. Then the auctioneer markets the items and takes offers for sale.  We get bidders to competitively bid against one another, so the top bid wins :). Buyers are more educated to values today, the internet is ready to show prices from around the world. They know the values of the items and just what they are willing to pay. This is how we find the market value today for any given asset.

Assets, what are my assets?

Well, here is a short list of the assets we find bring the best values at an auction.

  • Firearms and Ammo
  • Coins, silver and gold as well as bullion and currency
  • Tractors, Trailers, Farm Equipment
  • Cars, RV’s, Boats and other sport or utility vehicles
  • Jewelry, fine jewelry and fine costume
  • Fine Art, paintings and prints from known and collected artists
  • Antiques & Collectibles

Auctions Should be your First and Best Option!

Remember, Think Auction First

When you think you are ready to sell, call on us for professional guidance in marketing your assets. Getting the best results for your assets is what we do. The auction method will bring you the best offers to buy on any given day. Even during the global pandemic auctions, and auctioneers still went to work everyday for you. It defintely changed the way we conduct auctions, but the process is still the same. Customer service stays our main and consistant focus. We know we work for you, and try to earn your trust each and every day.

If you are looking for prices brought at auction, look no further. You can review our past auction catalogs and see the prices items like yours have been brought recently. Click Here – Open Past Auction Catalogs 

Auction News

Die-Cast Cars and Nascar Collection ONLINE Auction Sep 23rd @ 7pm CST

Just a few of the cars in this online auction  Open Online Catalog Here – Bidding has begun

***Online Auction for a collection of Die Cast Cars and Nascar Cars. ***

Die-Cast Cars & Nascar Collection Online Auction Monday, September 23, 2019 @ 7 PM CST

Online Only Auction with Live Preview and Absentee Bidding at our location.
For customers unable to bid online come by and bid in person with proper identification on preview dates and we will input your bids for you (these bidders will be reflected online as Floor Bidder).

WHAT: One person collection of Die Cast Cars, Racing Cars, Vintage Cars, Muscle Car, Movie Cars take a look at the ongoing catalog as we add new items daily.

WHERE: Trinity Auction Gallery 103 W. Main Street Trinity, Texas 75862

WHEN: Monday, September 23, 2019 @ 7:00 PM CST Online bidding begins as soon as catalog is uploaded. Auction begins to close at 7 PM CST. Each lot ends in 20 sec intervals, last-minute bids extend the bidding for 2 more minutes on that lot. The auction to has the feel of a live auction, though the online bidders are the ones keeping the bidding going. So get online at 7 pm on Monday, Sep 23rd and watch how the online auction system has the feel of a live auction.

TWO PREVIEW DATES & HOURS: Sat. Sep 21, 2019, 11 am to 4 pm or Mon. Sep 23, 2019, 3 pm to 6 pm .

BUYER’S PREMIUM: 13% Buyers Premium with a 3% Discount for Cash in effect for all bidders

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF AUCTION: Please read and agree BEFORE bidding as all bids are binding.

AS IS – WHERE IS. Take care when online bidding, after you confirm your bid it is not retractable – No exchanges – No returns. All bidders agree to the Terms and Conditions before receiving a bid number regardless of how the bid is placed.

See you at the AUCTION!
God Bless You & Yours,
Trinity Auction Gallery
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Elizabeth M. Drake, CAI, ATS, GPPA Texas License #16596
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