Asset Marketing Pros, LLC gets a NEW home.

Asset Marketing Pros, LLC gets a NEW home. We are up and running in our NEW auction house. Watch the transformation from old and tired to the revitalized building in downtown Trinity, Texas. Check out the video below. Retaining the original character was a must and it shows. We are open so come by and check it out. 

Yes, we changed our name but the quality service is still the same. Formerly known as Trinity Auction Gallery, we decided we needed to let people know we are not just an auction company More about what we do . This was a five year project to bring our small town business, Asset Marketing Pros, LLC to a New home. We needed to upgrade and be more visible to everyone, so we moved.

2020 has been a crazy year, but online auctions have proven the value is in the item not how great your chant maybe. As auctioneers, we know it is the marketing that makes an auction and brings the value but we love the live events because they are exciting and fun for everyone. Online auctions have saved our company and shown the shift in the market to buying everything from a house to a ring can be done without the actual live event.

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Just because our auctions are now held online does not mean you can not stop by and see and touch the items you would like to bid on and buy. Each auction has previews where you can stop by in person and see for yourself the color, condition, size or ask questions about an item before you bid on it. 

Would you like to know more about what we do? Learn More About Us

Just a little history of our 5-year project 

Our new address is 115 N Robb St. located between the lights on highway 19 downtown Trinity, Texas. It started in 2014 when we bought an old building in downtown. Both of us have a love for the history of our little East Texas town and wanted to take an old building and make it like new again. Truly we thought we had checked it thoroughly before our purchase, but it still held a few expensive surprises. Safety for us and our clients is a priority.

This is why it was a five-year project and a labor of love. First, we gutted it and rebuilt everything. New floors, walls, exposed a brick wall, added all the electric and HVAC, even the building front and rear walls were rebuilt. Windows, doors, and interior walls and restrooms – everything but the structure and adjoining walls were replaced. 

Started our business together in 2007 in a rented downtown building that had some really cool character. Unfortunately, it sold after years of being our company home. Lucky for us there was a tired old building in need of repairs, so we bought it and started on our new journey. We found a contractor who shared our vision for bringing back the original style and character while making it a safe and energy-efficient place to work.

See our new signage!

Going old school to enhance the facade so it appears like it did in the past. It’s still a work in progress but it is coming along :). My dear friend Tricia McCartney is our sign painter. She is a lady of many talents, you can find her at her business Heavenly Threads Quilt Shop She has finished the sign and it is fantastic, you can’t miss us now. 

Assets Sells at Auction here is our storefront
Our facility as seen from the highway at 115 N Robb St in downtown Trinity, Texas 75862

Sit back watch the short video Asset Marketing Pros LLC gets a new home!

Before & After Photos


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