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Meet the owners, David and Liz Drake; they will personally handle your asset liquidation professionally and ethically. Our mission is to provide transparency to buyers and sellers. This marketing team has over 35 years of auction marketing experience. David and Liz recently completed a three-year education course, Texas Certified Auction Professionals. Believing education brings value to our company and keeps us competitive in today’s marketplace is what we are about.

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Marketing Team

Auctioneers David and Liz Drake
David F. Drake TAL#16244
Liz Drake TAL#16596
David F. Drake, CAI, CES, GPPA, TCAP TAL#16244
  • President of Asset Marketing Pros, LLC
  • Principal Lead Auctioneer
  • FFL License Holder Type 01 Dealer in Firearms 
Elizabeth Monteson Drake, CAI, ATS, GPPA, TCAP TAL #16596
  • Vice President of Asset Marketing Pros, LLC
  • Auctioneer and Marketing Manager
  • Texas Notary

What do those letters after an auctioneer’s name mean?

The letters behind the auctioneer’s name indicate the education acquired by the auctioneer. Auction companies are the only retail businesses required to have a license to operate in the State of Texas. Something to think about when you are looking to sell your assets. Estate sale companies and resale shops or retailers do not have to be licensed.

We continue our education to promote and market our auctions for our clients. We believe knowledge is essential to continue to grow personally and professionally.

Here is a short explanation of our marketing team designations and certifications

Certified Auctioneer Institute = CAI

CAI is the professional designation awarded to auctioneers who meet the experience, education, and ethical standards set by the NAA Education Institute. To be granted the CAI designation, auctioneers must have been practicing full-time auctioneers for at least two years (before attending the Institute). Attend all three years of CAI at Indiana University, including more than 120 classroom hours. They must also complete special projects and complete 24 hours of continuing education every three years to stay accredited. This course has been referred to by many as the Masters of Auctioneering.

Auction Technology Specialist = ATS

A professional designation awarded by the NAA Education Institute helps professional auctioneers understand today’s marketing, both technology-based and traditional. To achieve the ATS designation, an auctioneer must complete 24 classroom hours. And provide a custom auction summary report based on knowledge from the designation course, hold online-only auctions, and 24 hours of continuing education every three years.

Certified Estate Specialist = CES

The CES professional designation awarded by the NAA Education Institute helps professional auctioneers understand how to conduct and deal with estates settling properly. The course also educates professional auctioneers on working with family members and dealing with lawyers and accountants. To earn this designation, the auctioneer must complete 21 classroom hours and complete 24 hours of continuing education every three years.

Graduate Personal Property Appraiser = GPPA

NAA Education Institute awards this professional designation to qualified property appraisers who meet the education and experience requirements of the Institute. They must also adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards of practice set forth by the NAA. To be designated with the GPPA, auctioneers are required to complete 40 classroom hours, a detailed written appraisal report, and proof of at least two affidavits of appraisals. This designation also requires 24 hours of continuing education every three years.

Texas Certified Auction Professional = TCAP

This professional certification is offered to auctioneers to enhance their business and professional services to the public. Courses cover business management, marketing, and operations. Top-notch auction industry leaders presented classes covering topics to enhance our business and personal lives while moving our businesses forward. This is especially different and challenging in this global marketplace. Now more than ever, how and where we conduct auctions changes how we learn and conduct business.

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If you need assistance to bid or register – Call on Auctioneer Liz Drake of our marketing team to help with “how-to” basics. She will show you how to use our free mobile app. She will explain how the software works in the new world of online auctions. Rule number one, always remember to read the terms and conditions. BEFORE you bid ;). This is great advice for any type of auction, live or online.