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Assets sell at auction. This means your valuables, not yard sale items. Hire your local quality estate sellers to bring buyers for an increased profit. Then, you can watch without buyers contacting you or coming onto your property to wheel and deal. Let the pros handle it and bring buyers from around the country. Texas Certified Auction Professionals and Personal Property Appraisers are here for you.

Are you looking to raise funding for your nonprofit?  We have solutions for you, too. Asset marketing professionals are here to help you sell your assets with the auction marketing method. We bring competitive bids to the sale.  #thinkauctionfirst

Do you require an appraisal for your assets? Personal Property Appraisers – We appraise everything but the House or Real Estate Property.

What are Assets? What is Asset Marketing?

Your assets include cars, vehicles, sporting goods, jewelry, firearms, coin collections, memorabilia, collectibles, and fine art, items you own that have marketable resale value.

The quality and condition have a significant effect on the value of your asset. A well-known original painting with provenance will fetch an exceptional price if it is in excellent condition when sold at auction. On the other hand, a damaged, soiled, or ripped original piece of art has a significantly reduced value. A classic or antique car that is all original and looks like it just left the factory will bring the highest price at auction, but if it has not been restored to like-new condition, it is not worth the high ticket price.

Asset marketing entails internet advertising, print, push notifications, email blasts, and content marketing to get the most eyes on your sale. We have a list of qualified buyers who buy at our sales. They are looking for fabulous finds, so if you have something of value and want a great price, hire the best auction house. How to Consign Your Assets.

Why use an auction company?

Assets Sell at Auction. Are you downsizing, moving, or handling a family estate? Certified Estate Specialists are here to assist with your transitional needs. Have your Executor, Estate Attorney, Estate Planner, CPA, or Insurance Agent contact us.

Marketing firearms, coin collections, jewelry, primitives, sought-after collectibles, and fine art brings the most value in competitive bidding. We conduct background checks and firearm transfers to keep records of firearm sales. Offer auctions for all vehicles, cars, trucks, boats, watercraft, off-road vehicles, business liquidations, and government seizures.  Assets sell at the auction!

Need help at your next charity event? We have contract auctioneers, clerks, ringmen, or management services. Have a find of the century; let us broker it for you because assets sell at auction.

Hire a Pro!

Proud of our auction industry, we strive to implement new technology to advance the auction experience for buyers and sellers. If you need to sell, the auction marketing method is the BEST and FIRST option to achieve the highest investment return. Only at an auction will buyers compete to buy your assets. The competitive bid process is the proven method of selling quickly for increased profits. Our operations and experience help to get more eyes on our consignor’s merchandise, which will bring in buyers. #thinkauctionfirst

From Appraisal to Auction, our team has you covered. Graduate Personal Property Appraisers – We appraise coin collections, collectibles, firearms, watches, jewelry, vehicles, tractors, and almost everything but the house.

Licensed auction professionals create a high-energy energy, fun atmosphere that will keep people returning again and again. Whether you are selling a liquidation find, estate finds, a personal collection, a business liquidation, or an entire estate, we take pride in making it a positive experience for you.

Auctioneers and Personal Property Appraisers

David and Liz Drake Auctioneers and Appraisers Asset Marketing Pros, LLC

David F Drake, CAI CES GPPA TCAP TAL#16244
Elizabeth M Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TCAP TAL#16596

Come by our auction facility and inquire about “How To” buy or sell at auction. We are here to help. Auctioneers are problem solvers. Visit the best auction house around.

Are you not looking to sell at auction? Because auctions are not for everyone, we can also find a buyer for you. We have a vast community of buyers and an extensive network of sellers, so let us broker your high-end assets.

“How To Buy a Firearm at Auction”

View of our storefront - Stop by and preview items up for bid.  Have questions? Ready to help where we can.
Our facility, as seen from the highway at 115 N Robb St
Trinity, Texas, 75862

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Services we offer



Computer, Tablet, or Phone bid from anywhere

The auction services we offer include live venues for Charity Events. In today’s market, online-only auctions serve the seller best, with more participation of buyers for estates and consignment sales. We market your assets to the best possible outcome. We sell at an auction using the competitive bid method. No upfront costs to the seller. #auctionswork #thinkauctionfirst   

We Offer Free Evaluations

Yes, we offer to view your assets and advise you where they will bring the best value at no charge to you. Contact Us


We are USPAP Compliant

Graduate Personal Property Appraisers provide appraisals that are USPAP compliant.  Have your Estate Attorney, CPA, or Insurance Agent contact us to complete an assessment of your estate, insurance, or tax purposes. The fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.  We offer high-quality services.

Valuation Services

Are you looking for value for an item you own? Need to know what your estate items will bring at auction?  Contact us for an appointment to view your items today.  Yes, we charge a fee for our time and experience – You will receive a written valuation.

Contract Auction Services

Clerking a sale
Liz is clerking a live fundraising auction
David is ringing for a fundraising event

Asset Marketing Pros, LLC provides auctioneers, ringmen, clerks, and cashiers for Charity Fundraising Events – Storage Auctions – Foreclosure / Trustee Sales. 

Firearm Sales &  Transfers

FFL Dealer Auctioneer Online Auction
FFL Dealer / Auctioneer How-to buy a firearm at auction.

FFL Licensed Facility

 How To Buy a Firearm at an Auction

Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) facility offering to transfer ownership from owner to new buyer. Every sale of a gun, even person-to-person sales, must have a background check and a transfer of ownership to protect the seller. 

Are you looking for a particular new firearm to purchase? Give us a quick call or come by, and we will try to find it for you. We have access to the below retail pricing on new firearms—transfer fee:  $25.00 with additional firearms in the same transfer for an additional $5 each.


Liz Drake is a Texas Notary. She is available to notarize for you in our office. This is just another service we offer. It is our goal to help our community. #notary

We Buy and Sell Silver & Gold

Yes, we can buy direct from you, or you can consign for auction.

  • Silver and Gold Coin Collections
  • Gold or Silver Jewelry (Even the broken or stone-missing kind).
  • Gold or Silver Bullion
More than just an auction company.

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Consigning Your Assets.

“How to go about consigning your assets”?

First, we accept quality consignments by appointment only. Start with a call or send an email. Also, it would be best if you had the items ready for us to view. We can discuss the process while we look at your items. Each of our consignors signs a written agreement/contract where the terms are in writing.

Next, we will set up an appointment to view the items and sign a contract. So be ready to have us look at the things you would like to consign. The auction house will sell all items we agree to take when the contract is signed. No items can be removed, traded, or given away after we sign the contract agreement. Pickup or drop-off are both available.

Finally, the consigned items will be brought to the auction to sell to the highest bidder. We will take our fee at this time and send your payment. Your payment will include a full accounting of each of your items. No upfront fees are required. We use a flat rate fee structure depending upon the items’ values. For example, the commission flat rate fees for cars and boats are lower than for collectible items.

What are your assets?

Your assets are personal property items like cars, boats, jewelry, coin collections, firearms, and collectibles, to name a few.
Have you inherited, moved, or are you downsizing? Have your Estate Attorney or Estate Planner contact us today.
Yard sale items are not what you take to an auction. If your item needs repairs, refinishing, or new upholstery, it will not sell at our auction.

Our Mission to Serve

We created Asset Marketing Pros, LLC, to assist individuals, companies, and government entities turn their inventory or sell their assets to the highest bidder. Our auction services include both online and live bidding auctions. We also broker large auction houses for valuables like high-end art pieces.

Our business model is based on transparency to achieve the confidence of our sellers and buyers alike. We publicly post the hammer price for each item we sell at auction on our online catalog under Past Auctions. We make this information available to the public to ensure transparency for the seller/buyer. Posting sold prices on our site can also be a tool for the researcher. When you click this button, you will see a long list of past auctions, open each catalog to view the prices, and see for yourself what price it brings. Click here to view sold auction prices

Here is a little background about us.

As previous auction buyers and sellers, David & I learned about what it takes to gain the trust and respect of your clients. As a couple and a business, we continue to grow and learn through continuing education. We take pride in our industry and implement new technology to advance the auction experience.

We strive to create a professional, high-energy, and fun atmosphere that will keep people returning again and again. Whether you are selling a personal collection, business liquidation, or an entire estate. We take pride in making it a positive experience. Take on selling it, so you don’t have to. Learn more about us

Looking forward to meeting you,
David F Drake, TCAP CAI CES GPPA TAL#16244 & Elizabeth Monteson Drake, TCAP CAI ATS GPPA TAL#16596

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Contact Us

Here are A few ways to Contact The auctioneers at Asset Marketing Pros, LLC

You can reach us by phone, text, mobile app, email, or send us good old-fashioned mail. Any method of contact you use is fine with us. We look forward to speaking with you or answering any questions you may have about the auction process or other sales methods we can offer. Be sure to check our auction catalogs frequently to see what will be up for auction next at the auction house. Upcoming Auction

If you want to see what items like yours sell for at auction, please check our past auction catalogs. We have all our past auctions listed online to search for items like yours and see what they sold for. Just use the search box on the past auction page. Past Auctions

Even though we are holding online auctions, we still provide an in-person live preview, so you may look over the items for auction before you bid on them. Check in with Auctioneer Liz; she can show you how the bidding will work to make it a fun experience. After the auction closes, you will have two to pick up at the auction house.

  CALL OR SEND US A TEXT – AT 1+936-594-0812
SEND AN EMAIL – contact@amp-tag.com
Assets Sells at Auction here is our storefront
DROP BY –  Our facility at 115 N Robb St in downtown Trinity, TX 75862
SEND US MAIL – PO Box 27 Trinity, TX 75862
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Auction Updates

Online Gun Dealer Auction Final Sale

Dealer Overstock Online Gun Auction #2 – PLUS a few consignments- Most are new-in-box items – Firearms and Ammunition. Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers, Ammunition, Scope Optics and Firearm Accessories. PREVIEWSWe appreciate the awesomely loyal customers of our small East Texas business. David and I look forward to seeing you. We are open to the … Continue reading Online Gun Dealer Auction Final Sale