How-To Buy a Firearm at Auction?

How-To Buy a Firearm at Auction?

Download ATF Form 4473

How-To Buy a Firearm at Auction?

Let us show you How-To Buy a Firearm at Auction. The most important piece of information is that the BIDDER IS THE BUYER.  The buyer needs to register, bid and complete the sale.  Make sure the bidding is done in your name, not by a spouse or friend’s account 😉  Do not bid and buy firearms for another person who is unable to buy a firearm, it is illegal.  You could be at risk, do not buy for the other guy.

Every winning bidder is required by federal law to complete an ATF 4473 and background check.  Unless the firearm purchase is an antique.  It is your responsibility to determine if your purchase conforms to your local and state laws for ownership.

Winners who want to pick up here in Trinity, TX

All winning bidders of a firearm will complete this process at our facility before you pick up your firearm.

To complete the Firearms Transaction Record ATF Form 4473 you will need to present your identification (establish identity, place of residence, your physical address, and age of the buyer.) Examples: Texas State Driver’s License or other Valid Government Issued Identification that will fulfill the requirements.

Texas License to Carry Hand Gun holders are exempt from the background check but you still have to fill out the Form 4473. Remember to have LTC & Driver’s License on hand to complete the form and verify your identity.

You can download a copy of the ATF Form 4473 above and pre-fill the form. Do not sign or date the form. Your signature and date will be completed here at the auction house. Please read the instructions and only fill in the buyers sections of the form. As the FFL we are responsible to complete the balance of the form. 

Unable to pick up at our facility?

Provide us with your local FFL dealers Name, Address, and a copy of their FFL license by email.  Send the email to  Then, we can ship your firearm to your local dealer for you to complete your background check with them before you take possession of the firearm.

Online purchasers must contact your local Federal Firearms Dealer and have them email us a copy of their FFL.  All emails should include your Invoice Number and your Name if you prefer shipment to another dealer.

We will ONLY ship to another Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, then you will complete your background check with the dealer you choose in your area. Check with the dealer regarding and fees they may charge you for the transfer service.

Information for ALL Winning Bidders

Purchases must be completed within two days of the auction ending.

We are a Federal Licensed Firearms Facility.  All documentation and background checks will be in effect for this and all auctions of firearms.

As a buyer, you agree to have any used firearm checked by a certified gunsmith prior to firing. The buyer assumes all legality, liability, and responsibility for the condition, use & security/storage of the firearm purchased.
The buyer certifies by purchasing a firearm that he or she is legally qualified to purchase and own the firearm and that there are no state or local laws preventing ownership and the owner will utilize a trigger lock to prevent accidents.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand that all firearms are potentially dangerous if handled improperly.

We have no established testing facility and assume no liability for the safe functioning of any firearm sold. No Warranties or Guarantees for pre-owned firearms.

The buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase a long gun and 21 years of age to purchase a handgun. Please check with your FFL / gun transfer dealer on age requirements in your state.

Upon purchase, the buyer assumes all liability and responsibility including but not limited to the usage and safe storage of the purchased firearm.

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