Online Coin Bullion Auction

Online Coin Auction

Coins – New and Old for Online Auction

Coins, Silver, Bullion, Currency Online Auction begins NOW and ends online on Friday, June 10th starting at 7 pm.


Stop by and look each lot over yourself Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm. These items are located at our auction house at 115 N Robb St Trinity, Tx. 75862

Online coin Auction with a Soft Close

You are at the auction! One lot closes at a time. If there are active bids on a lot, it stays open until the bids stop, just like at a live auction.

One lot at a time ends in 20-sec intervals. No sniping here. Each last-minute bid extends the bidding for three minutes on that lot. The live-action portion of the auction starts at 7 PM CST on auction day.

Legal Stuff

Asset Marketing Pros includes a 13% Buyers Premium and offers a 3% Discount for Cash at Pickup within two days of the end of the auction. Asset Marketing Pros, LLC will accept no payments from credit cards outside a USA bank. No out-of-USA bidders approved for the auction—no shipments outside the USA.

Take time to review the full description for shipping and payment information available on each lot in this online coin auction. Payment and Pickup are due within two days of the auction closing. As a winning bidder, you will receive an “Unpaid Invoice” by email with instructions to complete the sale. Respond with your choices.

Please read all Terms and Conditions BEFORE you place a bid. Take care as you bid for the bids are final, and no retractions or cancellations are accepted.

Please view our website for more information about our auction company:

God Bless and Keep You and Yours,
Texas Certified Auction Professionals
David F. Drake, CAI CES GPPA TCAP TAL# 16244
Elizabeth Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TCAP TAL# 16596
Call or Text 936-594-0812
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Stacks of Silver Bid to Buy Silver Dollars and Dimes
Superman .999 1 oz Silver Bullion Coin
Silver 1800 and 1900 Morgan Silver Dollars
Estate Sale Coin Collection

Money, Money, Money – Estate Sale Coin Online Auction

Yes, it is that time again! Great Estate Coin Auction

WE are still adding to this awesome online auction catalog of Money Estate Coin Collection Auction!

Check back daily as we add lots to this sale. Morgan’s, Peace Dollars, Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Silver Dollars, Commemoratives, Coin Sets, Morgan Dollars, even foreign coins, and Estate Coin Collection. Click here to view the online catalog


Here at the auction house on Saturday, January 2nd, and Thursday, January 7th from 10 am to 5 pm CST. Stop by and look them over yourself before you bid or leave a bid with the auctioneers to upload for you.

Here is a peek…..

Money Estate Coin Collection Auction – This auction will end on Thursday, January 7th beginning at 7 pm CST. It will end as soon as all the bidders stop bidding. It will work as much like a real auction as we can get in our new normal. Each lot will end in 20-second increments and only the ones with active bidding will stay open until all bidders stop, just like a real auction. It’s fast and fun so download our mobile app If you want to use the big screen on your computer or laptop just click here

We appreciate you and your business,


David F. Drake, CAI CES GPPA TCAP TAL#16244

Elizabeth Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TCAP TAL#16596

This auction will include a buyers premium of 13% with a 3% discount for cash payments.

Gold Silver Coins Currency and Bullion

Bid Now! Gold Silver Bullion and Currency Online Auction

Gold, Silver, Bullion, and Currency we have great Estate finds ready for you to bid and buy 🙂

Our next auction is READY – Go to the auctions tab in the menu or hit the Auctions button on our webpage and get registered and start to bid now.  Or Just Click Here 🙂

The online catalog is complete and ready to go.  Bidding has started even before we got to tell you about the auction.  So hurry and check it out.

How the online auction with a soft close works

Well, it is very similar to a live auction event. 

  • You go to the auction by opening the online catalog to view the items and read the descriptions to see what interests you.
  • Find something you want?  Then its time to register. You will need to enter your name, address, phone and credit card information.
  • Then let the bidding begin.  Hit the bid button and enter the amount you want to bid, it will ask you to confirm, so please check the amount entered before you confirm $100 will become $1000 if the decimal is in the wrong place.  Just like a live event you can not retract your bid once it is accepted. 
  • At 7 pm on March 31st lot #1 will count down to close the bidding.  In 20 seconds lot #2 will count down and close and each lot will close in 20-second increments after that.  If you or someone else online is actively bidding (raising your paddle) then that lot will add 2 minutes to the timer for that lot so others can bid again.  Lights will flash, bids will ding and the fun is on.
  • It is fast and exciting to watch and bid so be ready and remember the earliest max bid entered will win.  The software times each bid received so if today you bid a max bid of $100 on an item with an opening bid of $10 it will make your bid $10 if anyone else tries to bid your bid will go up as others bid, but your $100 was in first so if anyone ties the $100 amount later you are still the winning bidder unless they bid again, BUT you will still have a chance to bid again if you wish. Get online at 7 pm and watch the auction in action.

Call Liz anytime before auction day or schedule an in auction house visit and she will guide you through the process.  Just give her a call at the office at 936-594-0812.

See y’all at the auction (online that is)!

David F Drake, CAI CES GPPA Texas License# 16244

Liz Drake, CAI ATS GPPA Texas License # 16596

God Bless and Stay Safe!