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Coin auction 2.4.20

Do you buy and sell gold and silver? Are you a coin dealer or collector? We have an auction just for you. Feb 4, 2020, Online Auction.

Gold, Silver, Currency, Bullion, Sets, Slabbed and Graded Coins, and Loose Collectible Coins. US Coins, German Coin, World Coins, 3 cent pieces, Fractional Notes, Large Cents, Half Dimes, Morgan and Peace Dollars, Carson City, New Orleans Mint, Key Dates, Antique Coin, and Currency. Numismatic coin and currency collection. Coin collecting supplies. Are you a coin dealer or collector? This auction is just for you. Buy for your collection, a new collector, or get a youngster a start on a coin collection for a lifetime of FUN.  Auction is the way to offer your price and win.

Our online auctions act like a live auction; items do not end until the bidders stop bidding :).  Maybe you want to watch it. You can use our free app on your mobile phone or tablet, just get on the old computer and sit back and watch the bidders have fun.

Online auctions are easy and convenient.  Download our free mobile app and keep up with the catalogs and bidding anywhere.   Download it here…

Even though ours is an online auction, we offer two different dates to stop by and view the items yourself before you bid.  This auction will have previews on Sat. Feb 1, 2020, from 11 am to 4 pm and Tues Feb 4, 2020, from 3 pm to 6 pm.

God Bless & Keep You and Yours,


David F Drake, CAI CES GPPA TAL# 16244

Elizabeth Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TAL# 16956

Auction with Buyers Premium of 13% with a 3% discount for cash payments.


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