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We have chosen to use Shipping Saint to Benefit our Customers.

Shipping Saint Discounted Shipping rates for our customers

Why Shipping Saint?

After searching for the right fit, we found the software company Shipping Saint. Not only is it great for us to ship with, but it saves our customers money. Shipping Saint helps automate our customer communications, payments, inventory management, labor & material tracking, shipping insurance, and more.  They have formed a large group of buyers for shipping, bringing down the cost of shipping by having contracts with the major carriers. They get us a great deal we can pass on to you. The insurance provided by Shipping Saint also covers items we sell the most, like coins and firearms, where the carriers’ insurance either does not cover the items or drastically reduces the coverage.

What happens after the auction ends?

After all the lots close in an auction, Liz will send out a notice through Shipping Saint that includes your winning bids by text and email. Open the message and choose whether or not you prefer pick-up or shipping. If you pick it up, it will take you to a calendar to choose the date and time you want to pick it up. Shipping Saint will let me know you are picking up and when. We will use your credit card on file to pay your invoice and move your items to the shipping department. All communications can be done by text or email through Shipping Saint, keeping us both informed. When your package is ready to ship, you get a notice to pay for the shipping. After payment is received, the package is heading out via USPS or UPS with a tracking number sent to you.


This Shipping Saint software is amazing for our communication with you as a customer. We can send texts back and forth or emails. If at any point you have a question, send a reply to the texts or emails so we can keep you in the loop. Look for our messages, and maybe check your spam folders, just in case. Need to change the pickup day or time? Just let me know by text, and we will work out an alternative. You can use the communications to let me know whether you want your credit card on file for the auction used before you arrive or you would like a figure for the cash price for the two-day payment discount on your auction invoice.

Lower shipping rates for our customers from Shipping Saint

Shipping Saint is here for both of us.

Why does shipping cost so much?

Shipping Saint contracting for us with the carriers helps lower our costs. The contracts negotiate lower rates for us. Then we can offer them to you. Here are three reasons for the costs of shipping going up and up.

  • High Costs of Transportation: Shipping is costly. The shipping industry is currently pushed to get much work done with limited resources. The cost of transporting a shipping container has gone from $3,000 to $8,000 in 2021. This is due to supply chain disruptions, expensive gas prices, fuel costs, and limited cargo space.
  • Limited Supply of Commodities: The manufacturing & shipping of products domestically and internationally is increasing drastically. Due to the limited quantity of commodities being shipped to more buyers, the prices of the commodities have skyrocketed. Courier companies cannot ramp up shipping volume for commodities because of various limitations on the distribution channels.
  • Increased Consumer Demand: Over the past years, more people have turned to eCommerce for buying goods, whether it is clothes, digital products, meal kits, or groceries. The rise in the number of products shipped leads to higher prices. To keep up with the supply chain price fluctuations and counterbalance the shipping price, eCommerce businesses charge a higher price.

There are more reasons, if you are interested here is a 5 min read from another blogger about shipping cost.

We are a small business

We are a mighty team, David and Liz Drake are the auctioneers, marketing team, labor and shipping team. So when you deal with us, we are who you deal with. Call or text and we are the ones who reply.