Auctions Playing a Key Role in the Marketplace

Auctions are playing a key role in the marketplace so find your new place to buy or sell.

Auction Companies are Reorganizing

Auctions around the USA big and small are conducting business via Online Auctions. It has been a struggle for some sections of the industry, but they are bringing their businesses online to keep their market share. Even the BIG car auction companies are finding ways to continue to sell at auction. Some are adapting to smaller live events to stay in compliance. All the while continuing their events for the die-hard auctioneer attendee. The hardest-hit but the fluid changes so far have been the Benefit Auctioneers. They had a year’s events lined up and in the works when the Corona Virus hit. COVID-19 and all its changes have turned the world of charity events to a complete halt. Then auctioneers scrambled and sought out software, hardware, and sometimes merging companies to keep the funding coming in for their clients. Auction houses, estates sales companies, and traditional retail outlets are reorganizing by introducing auctions in the marketplace.

Other Businesses are Turning to the Auction Method of Marketing

Other businesses during the COVID-19 restrictions have turned to the auction method of marketing. An example would be the traditional Estate Sale company. Estate sales traditionally take place in the residence of the seller. Buyers find the sales in print, signage, and email lists or websites advertising the sales. Since crowds of people are not allowed at a sale the Estate Seller has changed to the online auction method used and curated by auctioneers. 

Traditional retail stores that had not previously had online shops or stores have moved all retail sales to the internet. And many online retailers have added the auction function to their sites.

What COVID-19 has meant for us 

Asset Marketing Pros did not have a difficult shift as we were partially an online auction house already. The difficulty lied in convincing our estate consignors that we would still bring the buyers to the auction and bring them monies for their items. We struggled to show the advantages of the online auction to clients in the past. Now they can see the popularity of online sales, which brings buyers from all over.

Our industry has banned together to help auctioneers from all diversified companies to survive and thrive during this pandemic. Sharing online strategies and software to accomplish our goals.

Online buying has helped our companies to continue. Buyers are becoming more educated every day to the benefits of buying at auction, where you set your own price. 

Looking to sell?

Contact an auction company near you to see if they can help you market your assets. We suggest you begin with auction companies listed online at the National Auctioneers Association and your local state auction association for a good selling experience. Ask questions, review contracts, and talk to more than one professional to determine the right fit for your assets. 

Need to Buy?

Right now is an exceptional time to find just the right item at just the right price. Auctions have terms and conditions, so be sure to read them BEFORE you place a bid. There are so many options to buy online right now. Think about auctions first and see if you can’t for what you are looking for before you pay a retail price for the same item.

Here are the links to check before you buy or sell:

National Auctioneers Association

Texas Auctioneers Association   

And of course, contact us          

Bid and Buy from us 🙂                          Online Auction Catalogs




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