Auction Online Today

Auction Online Today – Coin Collectors and Money Stashes

Here is a peek at what we have for auction online today. It is auction time, and we have an impressive Coin Auction with Morgans, Eagles, 1/2 Dollars, Peace Dollars, and Currency and even Militaria Challenge Coins. Check this one out NOW.   Click to open online catalog

Preview items in this auction today from 3 pm to 6 pm here at the auction house.
115 N Robb St Trinity, TX 75862
For more information, please view our website:

What do we market at our auctions?

We can sell all your assets at auction, yes, even your big equipment down to your small tools. We sell firearms, jewelry, coins, furniture, and high-end collectibles using the auction method of marketing. 

We do not just sell to buyers in Trinity, Texas, even though we LOVE our small town. We market to the entire United States, which will bring the dollars needed to let go of your valuables. 

We are in the business to have you retrieve as much of your investment as the economy and buyers allow.  

Here’s a quick peek at the auction items selling today.

Auction Online Today
Money Stashes and Coin Collectors here is your auction.

Quick peek

Online Auction Today
Coin Auction Tuesday, August 18th. Coin Auction Gold Silver Bullion Currency
Online Auction Today
Gold Coins
Online Auction Today
Gold Collector Coin
50 Cent Currency
Paper Money – Hard to find collectible
Online Auction Today
2010 Silver Eagles for online auction today
Sells today at online auction
Military Challenge Coins
Online Auction Today
Silver collectibles
Gold Coins
Canadian Gold Coin
Twenty Dollar Confederate Currency
Twenty Dollar Confederate Currency

God Bless and Keep You and Yours,
Texas Licensed Auctioneers:
David F. Drake, TCAP CAI CES GPPA TAL# 16244
Elizabeth Drake, TCAP CAI ATS GPPA TAL# 16596
Call or Text 936-594-0812

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