The auction method of marketing…

In a local retail store lately, standing in line with other people in the checkout line some noticed my work shirt that has our company logo on it and they started asking me about being an auctioneer. Most just think our job is just to talk fast.  Answering questions about “What an auctioneer does”, “Why would I want to be an auctioneer, you are a woman, I thought only men are auctioneers, so why?” and listening to the people who think “Buying at auction is hard, not like a store where you just pay the price on the tag.”  Gave me the opportunity to explain what an auction is and why you want to sell or buy at an auction.

Some people in line preferred to just buy an item, not wait for an auction to end. So I ask them why?  Replies varied but most just want to hit a buy button and pay for an item rather than wait to see if they could win the bid.  Replies like ” I want to see what I am buying, not just a picture.” While we waited in line the discussion continued and the why wait for an auction to end was turned into “oh I did not know we could get items for a lower price at auction than at the retailer”. “Wow, I thought I could not look at the items for auction in person if the auction is online”. Changed to “where can I find your auctions on my phone or computer.”  Just visit our website and download our FREE mobile app today.

What they did not know is the fun of a live or online auction where you get to set your own offer of how much you are willing to pay for what you want and see how other people bid as well.  Online auction is FUN too, so they are a great alternative to the live events if you are unable to be there on a certain day or time. Timed online auctions with a soft close, will act as a live auction in that the bidders get to continue to place bids against each other as the items are closing. If a person wants to bid in the last few minutes or seconds of the item closing in an online auction it will extend the time remaining for the other bidders to bid again.  The item will not close until the bidding has lapsed without a bid in the final minutes.

Why pay retail when you don’t have to? Want to know more?  Just give me a call or stop by our facility and we can talk about it.  I will help you with the technical part and explain how our auctions work.

The best part of what I do is helping people make change happen. We all have life happen, so take the time to look at your options, see what is available and enjoy life with our family and friends!  Life is about the experiences and relationships, things are just that – things 🙂

Have a blessed day,

Auctioneer – Liz Drake, CAI ATS GPPA Tx Lic# 16596