How will the COVID-19 Virus Affect Future Auctions?

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How will the latest virus, COVID-19 affect future auctions?  Here at Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery, we are a staff of TWO.  Yes, David and I are the only staff members as it is most days. As a result, we are able to control passing on an illness to our clients. As most of you know, David is a cancer survivor so we learned a lot about immune systems and how to protect against viruses during his year of treatment and recovery.

We are handwashing and cleaning items as is our customary practice.  Bathrooms and surfaces are being sanitized after each visitor.  We are using a common-sense approach to keeping the spread of viruses to a minimum. This latest virus, COVID-19 aka Corona Virus will continue to spread as long as people are not careful in public places. Remember we are all responsible for the spread of viruses.  If you are in public as we all will be, cover any cough, wash your hands with soap and water and keep personal contact to a minimum.  If you have any symptoms please stay home until you recover.  The safety of our families, friends, and neighbors are our responsibility.

It has been and always will be our mission to promote the auction method of marketing as your first choice in buying or selling.  The economy of our country and communities depend on continued buying and selling to be healthy.

Our plan for the near future

Our auctions will be online events.  Pick up or shipping will not spread any viruses we are asking our customers to help by contacting us as to when they will be here at the auction facility.  If you are ill or suspect you have been in contact with anyone who may be ill, we ask you to refrain from pick up.  We will work with you for pick up at a later date.  We will schedule a live auction as soon as it is safe for large crowds to gather.  Follow this blog, our website or sign up for emails to stay up to date on what, where and when our next auction will be held.

Keep in mind, auctions are the BEST way to buy most anything you need or want, even toilet paper :).  Get busy searching auctions near you for the best buying experience.

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Looking for a reputable auctioneer?  Visit your State Auctioneer Association website or the National Auctioneers website to find a professional in your area.  Auctioneers sell everything from houses, cars, equipment to overstock and store closures and Estates.

Here is a link to the Tx Auctioneers Association  TAA     and the National Auctioneers Association  NAA     so find an auction pro to buy or sell with.  #thinkauctionfirst

God Bless and Keep You and Yours!

Auctioneers – David & Liz Drake

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How-To Buy Guns at Online Auction

March 10th Online Auction “How-To” Buy a Gun at Auction

How-To buy guns at online auction
Buy Firearms At Online Auction!

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Buying Info

Need more information?  We added lots 1 -5 in the online catalog to answer questions about Payments, Previews, Pick Up and Shipping Information PLUS lot 5 is “How-To” buy a firearm at online auction.

Preview Info

We will have 2 in-person, live previews for those who would like to view the items before they bid here at the auction house. Previews are scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 11am to 4pm and Tuesday, March 10th 3pm to 6pm. Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery 115 N Robb St Trinity, Tx 75862.  While you are here the Auctioneers will go over the “How-To” use our app, leave an absentee bid or just the what is required info to trans your purchases.

Auction Info

Online Firearms Ammo & Reloading Auction on Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020, @ 7 PM CST. Online bidding begins as soon as the catalog is uploaded. Auction begins to close at 7 PM CST. Each lot ends in 20-sec intervals, last minute bids extend the bidding for 2 more minutes on that lot. This auction has the feel of a live auction, though the online bidders are the ones keeping the bidding going. So get online at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 10th and watch how the online auction system has the feel of a live auction.

Asset Marketing Pros-Trinity Auction Gallery includes a 13% Buyers Premium and offers a 3% Discount for Cash at Pickup. Shipping is available firearms to FFL Dealers only, If you can not come to our facility to transfer your firearm it will need to be shipped to your local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer for you to complete your transfer at their facility. We will NOT ship ammo, it must be picked up. Review the shipping information located on each lot. Payment and Pickup are required within two days of the auction closing. Pickup Dates Wed & Thurs after the auction from 10 am to 5 pm.

Please review all Terms and Conditions BEFORE you place a bid – Bids are not retractable. Previews will take place in our facility located at 115 N Robb St Trinity, Tx. 75862
For more information, please view our website:

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The auction method of marketing…

In a local retail store lately, standing in line with other people in the checkout line some noticed my work shirt that has our company logo on it and they started asking me about being an auctioneer. Most just think our job is just to talk fast.  Answering questions about “What an auctioneer does”, “Why would I want to be an auctioneer, you are a woman, I thought only men are auctioneers, so why?” and listening to the people who think “Buying at auction is hard, not like a store where you just pay the price on the tag.”  Gave me the opportunity to explain what an auction is and why you want to sell or buy at an auction.

Some people in line preferred to just buy an item, not wait for an auction to end. So I ask them why?  Replies varied but most just want to hit a buy button and pay for an item rather than wait to see if they could win the bid.  Replies like ” I want to see what I am buying, not just a picture.” While we waited in line the discussion continued and the why wait for an auction to end was turned into “oh I did not know we could get items for a lower price at auction than at the retailer”. “Wow, I thought I could not look at the items for auction in person if the auction is online”. Changed to “where can I find your auctions on my phone or computer.”  Just visit our website and download our FREE mobile app today.

What they did not know is the fun of a live or online auction where you get to set your own offer of how much you are willing to pay for what you want and see how other people bid as well.  Online auction is FUN too, so they are a great alternative to the live events if you are unable to be there on a certain day or time. Timed online auctions with a soft close, will act as a live auction in that the bidders get to continue to place bids against each other as the items are closing. If a person wants to bid in the last few minutes or seconds of the item closing in an online auction it will extend the time remaining for the other bidders to bid again.  The item will not close until the bidding has lapsed without a bid in the final minutes.

Why pay retail when you don’t have to? Want to know more?  Just give me a call or stop by our facility and we can talk about it.  I will help you with the technical part and explain how our auctions work.

The best part of what I do is helping people make change happen. We all have life happen, so take the time to look at your options, see what is available and enjoy life with our family and friends!  Life is about the experiences and relationships, things are just that – things 🙂

Have a blessed day,

Auctioneer – Liz Drake, CAI ATS GPPA Tx Lic# 16596