It is nearly time for an auction!

Yes, it’s nearly time for our next online auction.  We are having a Gun, Ammo and Reloading Equipment Auction.

If you are just reading this you have missed the first live preview here at the auction gallery, BUT we have another one on Tuesday from 3 pm to 3 pm CST.  So come by and view all these awesome items up for your bids on Tues and go home and BID BID BID till you WIN.

Need more information?  Go go to the online catalog and read information lots 1 – 5 and get the info first hand.   Open the catalog here

Most recent question lately “When are you having the next inhouse live auction?”  Well, the answer is when we can have people who can actually attend.  What’s the best day for you?  Email us your answer to

Thanks – Hope your weekend was great!

Want to learn more about “How-To” Buy a Firearm at Auction?


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