Fundraising Time for Boys & Girls Club of Trinity, Tx.

Boya & Girls Club Valentines Fundraising Event
Trinity Boys & Girls Club Fundraising Event

We have been honored once again to help bring the auction method of marketing to our community. Benefiting our local Boys & Girls Club annual Valentine’s Day fundraising event. The proceeds from this event will stay in our community for our local boys and girls.

David is looking forward to being behind the microphone to help raise the funds needed to support our local club. Trinity Boys & Girs club is an asset that serves our community. We are very fortunate due to the generosity of our community leaders and benefactors who without their giving hearts, this club would not be able to continue to serve our youth of Trinity.

What better way to show love than to support our children? In turn, our community benefits from what the club does for our youth.

Thank you to the Board of Directors and Julia McMichael for asking us to participate and share our talents with our community. We live in a small community with a BIG heart.

If you would like to donate but are unable to attend, do so by clicking here to share the love this Valentine’s Day. Any donation amount is appreciated. Thank you!