Before and After… Our New Location at 115 N Robb St (Hwy 19) Trinity, Texas 75862

Here is a quick before and after shots of our new facility.  And here’s the story, we purchased the building about 5 years ago.  Then came the start of the renovation.  The goal was to bring it back to the look and feel of the original building construction in the early 1900s.

Inside the store was gloomy with an 8 foot dropped ceiling tiles and a metal awning addition to the front that covered up the original glass block windows.  The awning was getting tired looking and the glass front of the building needed repairs.  The front of the building holding up the windows was falling apart, the roof leaked and the back of the building was not secure.

Over a 5 year period, you know it only takes money, lots and lots of money for our sweet money pit it now reveals the original structure with modern security added.

Look over our webpage about the renovations to see how this was accomplished with the help of friends and a professional contractor.

So here is sad before photo, ours is the storefront in the middle.
Courtesy of Google Maps (Unfortunately this is still up on Google).

Screenshot 2019-12-20 14.26.57

And here is the after photo.

115 N Robb St Trinity Texas 75862.jpeg
115 N Robb St Trinity, Texas 75862

A special Thank You to all of those who helped make this dream a reality.  God Bless You.

We are looking forward to our next online auction, New Year’s Eve.  Come by and check out the facility.

Your Auctioneers,

David and Liz Drake

TX Lic#16244 & 16596


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