Marklin Train Online Auction

Marklin Trains are what we are having up next for the online auction

It’s time for some Marklin Trains, track, parts and accessories, landscaping, buildings, and all from one estate.

Auctioneer David Drake got word that a woman in Florida’s husband had passed and she needed help liquidating his train collection. So after a few phone calls, texts, and photo sharing he loaded up the trailer and headed out to Florida.

  • One man’s Marklin train set, Marklin HO trains plus a few Bachmann and Lux train cars. Just a few of the items in this auction include:
  • German Vintage and Modern Marklin Train, Engines, Passenger Cars, Container Cars, and a village.
  • Foliage and fencing, houses and an airport, and the list go on.
Marklin Train Set

Here is a short history

This gentleman from Pensacola, Florida was a lifelong Marklin and HO scale train enthusiast and collector. He grew up mostly in Germany and as a young boy received his first Marklin HO Scale Train Set. Later as an adult, he was stationed in Germany which rekindled his desire to add to his childhood train set. In his set, he has a few older 1940’s and 1950’s Marklin trains plus in the 1970’s he began adding new pieces. These pieces were made in Western Germany as well as some of the houses and landscaping. During the 1980s and into his retirement years in the 90’s he continued to expand his collection. He created a realistic Marklin Train track with various configurations and set up a Marklin digital system. He enjoyed his trains and collecting until his passing.

His widow said he traded, sold, and gave some to friends and family but still retained quite a collection. She then asked us, Asset Marketing Pros if we thought we could help her and auction the rest of the collection so others could add to their hobby. So with the assistance of her niece, we drove to Florida and spent two days packing and boxing the trains for transport back to Texas. The main photo was taken before everything was unassembled. In the collection not only did he have trains buy some discontinued landscape village houses and buildings, assorted decoration supplies, and digital scan-a-matic electronics.

We hope you enjoy the collection and find something you need for your collection. Everything sells to the highest bidder, no reserves. Also the proceeds from the auction are being used by his widow to transition to a smaller home close to her family in Jacksonville, Florida.

Previews and Auction Pickup

Will are scheduling two in-person previews for you to come by and view the items yourself before you bid. The dates and times are listed in the catalog information online. We will be here for you to pick up your items for two days after the auction closes online. The hours we are open are 10 am to 5 pm. Shipping will be available, but due to the fragile nature of these items, we suggest picking them up.

How the online auction works

Online Auction with a Soft Close – It’s like you are at the auction! One lot closes at a time; active bidding lots stay open until the bidding on the item stops.

Online bidding begins as soon as the catalog is uploaded. The auction starts to close at 7 PM CST. Each lot ends in 20-sec intervals. Last-minute bids extend the bidding for three more minutes on that lot. This auction has the feel of a live auction, though the online bidders are the ones keeping the bidding going.

Or, you can choose to place a max bid and let the software bid for you as other bidders submit their bids. It will keep you winning at the next bid increment until someone bids more than your max bid.

After the auction ends you will receive an email with an unpaid invoice attached. Please read it and respond so we know when to expect you and the payment type you prefer.

Don’t forget to download our mobile app for your mobile device to keep the auction with you so you don’t miss out on any of the lots –

Thank you for your continued support for our small business,


David F. Drake, CAI CES GPPA TCAP Tx Lic#16244

Elizabeth Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TCAP Tx Lic#16596

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